Why is Salesforce One Of The Best Places to Work?

It’s unlikely that a few months will go by without Salesforce winning another award for “Best Place to Work”.

There are many companies around the world who curate their own list of best places to work, and it’s rare to see Salesforce not featured in the top 3 or 5. But what do Salesforce have that makes them so special (often beating places like Google in the rankings)? Let’s take a closer look…

Best Places to Work 2021

One of the more recent lists that Salesforce has come in at #1, is Glassdoor’s “2021 Best Places to Work“. This compilation, unlike others, is determined based on anonymous feedback left by actual employees of the company.

Although this list is UK centric, Salesforce was the only company to appear on all five Glassdoor lists, in the US, Canada, UK, France, & Germany.

So what makes Salesforce one of the best places to work? As Glassdoor shows us all the feedback left by employees, it gives us an insight into what makes Salesforce one of the best places to work, globally.


Companies that rank on the “Best Places to Work” lists will all have one thing in common: their culture will be amazing. Without a Leadership team that focuses on creating an amazing environment for people to thrive, it will be a hard task to grow as an organization.

Salesforce are known for having a great culture, and many reviews on Glassdoor mention the culture specifically. Here are a few standout points that employees mention…

  • Volunteering is a core part of Salesforce’s culture. This has been since day 1 with the implementation of the 1–1–1 model. Employees enjoy that Salesforce is giving back to their communities.
  • A great work-life balance is a must to create a good culture. While Salesforce employees are all encouraged to work hard, they also enjoy how Salesforce respects people’s lives. They offer respectable PTO, and well-being reimbursements.
  • Diversity & inclusion are important topics for any company. Salesforce has been very outspoken on this topic in the past. Employees like the fact that these topics are at the forefront of Salesforce’s priorities.


There is no doubt that Leadership plays a huge factor in the culture of the company. Promoting core company values must be done by everyone in a Leadership position to ensure its authenticity.

Starting at the top, Marc Benioff does a fantastic job of living and breathing Salesforce’s core values. This is shown with the 97% of employees that approve of him as a CEO. Making him one of the most liked CEO’s globally.

Compensation & Benefits

Although compensation and benefits are important for any job seekers search, without an authentic and relatable culture, they become pretty meaningless. But when you have a fantastic culture, AND great benefits? This is a huge win for employees.

Compensation and benefits are mentioned frequently on Glassdoor, here are some of the specifics…

  • Salesforce are widely known for having a great compensation package, which includes bonuses, as well as stock options. Compensation packages can be viewed on Glassdoor, based on different roles.
  • They also have a fantastic benefits package that is publicly available for all to view on this site (what fantastic employer branding!)
  • I think it’s also fitting to give the kitchen at Salesforce a shout-out. It seems a lot of the employees value the wide variety of snacks and drinks! Having been to Salesforce offices many times myself, I can only agree with these sentiments.


Over the past year, employers have had a real chance to show their employees that they’ve picked the right company to work for. It will have been pretty evident for a lot of employees if their company truly cares about them, by being sympathetic to the situation we all find ourselves in, or, not.

As expected, Salesforce have been a role model throughout the pandemic, supporting employees, customers, and the wider medical response teams with free licenses to their products. Here are a few of the initiatives Salesforce spearheaded…

  • They were one of the first companies to announce they were closing all their major global offices on 17th March 2020.
  • They offered employees financial support to ensure their home office was suitable. They also supported employees with physical, and mental wellbeing.
  • They were one of the largest employers to announce that the 9–5 workday is dead, and they will be moving to a semi-remote model. This is a pretty huge initiative for a company that employees 50k+.

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