What Is the AppExchange Partner Program in salesforce ?

If you use Salesforce, you know that almost everything can be customized to suit your needs. From basic UI tweaks to advanced under-the-hood changes, the Salesforce platform is built to adapt to your business challenges. But did you know you can share these customizations with Salesforce users and build a thriving business at the same time?

That’s where the AppExchange Partner Program comes in. The AppExchange Partner Program gives you everything you need — including knowledge, tools, and infrastructure — to take your ideas to market. As an AppExchange partner, you build on the Salesforce platform, which puts you ahead of the game even before your team starts developing.

You don’t have to be a veteran Salesforce user to become an AppExchange partner. All you need is an idea for the next killer solution — we’ll help you bridge the gap between idea and marketplace.


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