What Is Customer Service with Salesforce?

your customer data in the cloud, it’s available from any place so that anyone on your team can help customers 24/7.

To get help, customers contact you on their favorite communication channels. Or your service agents can reach out to your customers first with proactive service.

  • Cases — Regardless of how a customer contacts you, their request for help arrives as a case in Salesforce. You can also create cases with a few clicks. Cases track everything about customer issues and help you see a complete view and history of each customer so you can personalize responses ASAP.

As your service needs and team expand, you can add channels, such as email, social media, and more. You can also add features like automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to guide your team through your service processes.

Salesforce offers you easy-to-use tools so that you can help your customers quickly and keep them happy.



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