What is Apex Trigger and Validation Rules?

  • Insert.
  • Update.
  • Delete.
  • Merge.
  • Upsert.
  • Undelete.
  1. Before Triggers :- Before Triggers are used to validate records before updated to database
  2. After Triggers :- After Triggers are used to access field values like Id or LastModiefiedDate.
  • Validation Rules help enforce data integrity from both the salesforce.com UI and API.
  • Validation rules fire each time a record is saved and performs the validation against a certain field based upon a formula expression.
  • Validation rules in Salesforce are verified if the data is true , the records is saved. If the data is invalid it dispalys error message.
  • We can configure each object to track changes to field values (up to 20 fields).
  • Field history can be displayed on the page layout showing the before and after value, who changed the field and the date and time it was changed.
  • We can contact salesforce.com Support to increase the number of fields that can be tracked for our Organisation



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