Veeam to productise in-house Salesforce backup tools — private beta already under way

Data protection vendor Veeam has revealed it’s working to productise the Salesforce backup tools built for its own use.

Senior veep for product management Anton Gostev revealed the new product in his weekly email summary of Veeam’s R&D forums.

Announced in October and currently the subject of a holding page, the product is now also available in a private beta.

“What makes this new product very special is the fact that essentially we made a box product out of our internal home-grown solution for Salesforce backup,” Gostev wrote. “So the actual engine behind this product has been protecting our own Salesforce deployment for over two years now.”

His mail also reveals a little about Veeam’s own Salesforce rig — it contains data on “close to 500K customers and the number of transactions delivering over 1B of annual revenue.”

Gostev mused that whenever Veeam’s product debuts, it will be labelled version 1.0 but will effectively be the third version of the product. Veeam sales staff can advise of how to join the beta.

The email also revealed a significant update is imminent to Veeam’s flagship Veeam Backup & Replication 11a product. Gostev wrote that Veeam quality control has signed off on a cumulative patch for the product, and that it is “quite big due to bringing support for many new platform versions for Windows/Linux/Oracle/SAP etc.”



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