Yr am sad today .. or i’m very happy today ..oh it happened with me only in world ..i regret for it..These are some things which you have ever heard from someone.

These are all state of minds. Sometime we feel sad or sometime happy.. sometime you heard this guy is moody..

It also happen if we are in sad state or we are in anger ..we are taking some decision.. and later we regret for our decision because it happened in anger..

When you are good in mood then we can be best for ourselves while taking decision.

You know if you have some important task let’s suppose you have some exams or important deal, meeting..while doing these task it depends what is your state of mind at that time.. because it is only your state of mind that can cancel the deal or close the deal..

How to change state of mind

  1. Try to take a bath or roam or walk in garden , calm yourself ..
  2. In my thinking if someone say wrong to you then it should not effect you because he is that person that want to torture you through giving negative thoughts
  3. Avoid negative people ..
  4. Try to make some friends who are always with you and can give right suggestion .
  5. leave the place where you feel negative through thoughts
  6. Overcome on all things which disturb you.
  7. A healthy sleep

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