Shopping online securely


Choose carefully where you shop

  • type a website address that you trust directly into the address bar
  • search for it, and follow the search results

Use a credit card for online payments

Only provide enough details to complete your purchase

Keep your accounts secure

Watch out for suspicious emails, text messages and websites

  • If you have received an email which you’re not quite sure about, forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) at
  • If you’ve received a suspicious text message, forward it to 7726. It won’t cost you anything, and allows your provider to investigate the text and take action (if found to be a scam).
  • If you have visited a website you think is trying to scam you, report it to the NCSC and we’ll investigate.
  • If you come across an advert online that you think might be a scam, report it via the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) website. This allows ASA to provide online service providers with the details they need to (if appropriate) remove these from websites.

If things go wrong



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