Selling off one trillion SHIB may or may not rescue Shiba Inu investors from pushing the price lower

Shiba Inu is creating some heated moments and tension in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. This memecoin is incurring huge losses, even after its owner, Ryoshi, left his presence on social media platforms. SHIB tokens are dropping day by day forcing Shiba Inu investors to incur losses in their crypto wallets in 2022. The cryptocurrency market is set to observe some more fall in the cryptocurrency price of the memecoin in this bearish market. Thus, Shiba Inu investors have decided to sell off around one trillion SHIB tokens to get over the trust issues regarding the cryptocurrency price.

SHIB may have started as a memecoin, but it was transformed into one of the popular cryptocurrencies within a short period of time. The memecoin was created in August 2020 by Ryoshi to mimic Dogecoin and make fun of crypto investors. But in reality, this memecoin gained millions of Shiba Inu investors in the market as it was launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Shiba Inu investors are predicting that the drop in the cryptocurrency price is due to the selling of SHIB at a vast amount by multiple Shiba Inu whales in recent times.



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