Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Genie is the real-time platform for customer magic. It’s what we call that feeling when a customer believes they’re really understood by a company because they’re getting exactly what they need, when they need it — the experiences that wow them.

To create customer magic, you need to know your customers’ wants and needs in real time. And it takes a lot of complex technology to make that happen. You need more than a customer data platform (CDP) to bring your customer data together. You require an automated, intelligent, real-time data platform to deliver what customers need, when they need it, across every part of your business–sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT.

That’s why we’ve completely reimagined our CRM.

  • It starts with Hyperforce, our transactional database in the cloud that runs all of our products in a trusted, compliant way with data residency and security built in.

With Genie, we’ve created the world’s first real-time CRM, giving everyone across the organization the insights and answers they need right now so they can treat every customer like a person, not a number. Every single cloud in Customer 360 is now more automated, more intelligent, and more real time, enabling companies to truly meet their customers where they are.

This is game changing for CRM.



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