Salesforce CPQ benefits

  • Generate accurate and formatted quotes
  • Sell faster and generate revenue.
  • Control discounts automatically and not manually.

Benefits Of CPQ

CPQ differs from the traditional sales process in the following ways:

  • Assign prices of products and services, automatically and also save the sales rep’s time by controlling the pricing and discount.
  • Create the quote automatically, unlike the traditional system and emails to the clients.
  • Enable sales, legal teams to work with higher efficiency with advanced approval systems — for ensuring the existence of appropriate checks and balances.
  • Allow the post-sales teams to deliver services on-time and as per client requirements — with advanced order management.
  • Track your customers better with enhanced iteration for efficient execution as well as delivery with an in-built time of Salesforce CPQ.
  • Provide valuable insights to sales, marketing, and post-sales teams as well on launching new products and add-ons.
  • Allow service teams to devote their energy in the right direction with the services rendered at the right time and for the right customers.



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