Pros and Cons of using a public cloud


  • Cost savings: Moving to a public cloud is a way for companies to cut down IT operations costs. Essentially, they are outsourcing these costs to a third party who can handle them more efficiently. Public clouds also typically cost less than private clouds, because the cloud provider is able to maximize their use of hardware and their profits by selling their services to multiple customers at once.
  • Less server management: If an organization uses a public cloud, internal teams don’t have to spend time managing servers — as they do for legacy on-premises data centers or for internal private clouds.
  • Security: Many small and medium sized businesses may not have the resources to implement strong security measures. By using a public cloud service, they can outsource some aspects of cyber security to a larger provider with more resources.


  • Security and compliance concerns: Multitenancy might be a concern for businesses that need to meet strict regulatory compliance standards. Multitenancy also comes with a very small risk of data leakage, which may be more risk than some businesses in specialized fields are willing to tolerate. (In fact, the risk is miniscule; most cloud providers follow extremely high security standards.) Finally, it can be difficult to deploy the same security policies both for an organization’s internal resources and for a public cloud that is somewhat outside of an organization’s control (especially during a cloud migration).
  • Vendor lock-in: This is always a concern with cloud technology. An organization that uses the cloud will save money and become more flexible, but it can also end up reliant upon the cloud vendor’s services — the virtual machines, storage, applications, and technologies they provide — in order to maintain their business operations.




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Tech enthusiastic, life explorer, single, motivator, blogger, writer, software engineer

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