NFT on Instagram

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are coming to Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg had spoken about Instagram testing the NFT integrations in a video, and Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram has posted a tweet announcing the NFT integration on the platform to begin this week.

The Instagram — NFT integration test is currently limited to a few US creators and collectors only, who will be able to share NFTs on the platform. “We wanted to start small and learn from the community,” said Mosseri in a video shared on Twitter.

“Creator economy is very important to Instagram, but one of the challenging things we as an industry need to solve is how to make creators make a living while doing what they love,” Mosseri added. “Right now there are a lot of ways for the creators to make money but a lot of them are unpredictable and changing rapidly and we think the one really interesting opportunity for a subset of creators is NFTs.

NFT collectors and creators will be able to share NFTs on their Instagram feed, stories, and also in messaging, and “There will be no fees associated with posting or sharing a digital collectible on IG,” says Mosseri.

According to Coindesk Instagram will start with the support for Ethereum-based NFTs with integrations for Polygon, Solana, and Flow, coming later.



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