Best Practices for Digital Communication Channels

Most people nowadays use digital communication channels in their personal lives, but not always in a professional setting. So it’s important to give your agents some pointers on the right way to use digital communication in a customer service context. Here are some best practices for using text, chat, social media, and video.

Messaging is probably the most common and immediate way to communicate digitally, so it’s particularly useful for customers who want a quick answer to a relatively simple question. Remember Denise at Penny Farthings? She gave her agents the following tips to help them become SMS superstars when the company adopted Service Cloud Messaging.

  • Text messages are a representation of the brand. Use complete sentences, and keep the messages brief. Use texting acronyms sparingly, and only use ones that are globally recognized, like BRB (be right back), for example.


Fielding cases using a chat application like Service Cloud Chat — whether from web or in company apps — is similar to handling cases via Messaging (especially with Service Cloud).

  • Make sure you respond quickly in chat. Remember, a customer could be considering a purchase on your website, and a quick response will help move the deal along.

Customer service in social media channels serves two purposes. It helps customers quickly resolve issues from the convenience of a social channel. And it shows the public what your brand stands for. The public is watching how you handle customer service in your social channels, so it’s especially important to get the message right there.

  • You are creating a permanent public record with every social post. Make sure that all language reflects the brand voice.


While video isn’t as popular for customer service as some of the other channels we’ve talked about, it’s still important. Many customers prefer it, either out of necessity or convenience.

  • Use video to solve complicated issues where you need a visual assessment of the problem. For example, agents might use video to troubleshoot mechanical problems with a manufacturer. Or small business owners might use video to go over complicated forms with a tax advisor.



Tech enthusiastic, life explorer, single, motivator, blogger, writer, software engineer

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Alok Gupta

Tech enthusiastic, life explorer, single, motivator, blogger, writer, software engineer